Pony Rides

From children who always wanted a pony to adults feeling adventurous – you can ride off into the sunset on top of one of our safe, trusty steeds! We have ponies and horses of different sizes so we can accommodate everyone. Our equine’s are as trained and experienced as they come giving you a piece of mind. You can trust our animals and trainers to keep you not only safe but smiling ear to ear!
Our experienced handlers will hand lead your guest around a designated area while riding one of our ponies/horses. Depending on how many are attending your event and the length of time requested, we may allow more than one ride per person but of course we like to give everyone a chance to enjoy this experience! Have a camera handy to take pictures of this special moment and keep for memories. We also offer professional photography services which can really capture the smiles in great detail!

Please take the below into consideration when having pony and/or horse rides:
•Wear or have closed toe shoes/boots to keep your feet safe when around and riding our animals.
•Pants are best to wear when in the saddle as sometimes it can pinch skin. This is not necessary as we understand summer months can get hot but best to have a pair nearby to put on for the rides!
•Horses and ponies love carrots and apples. Feel free to have treats handy to feed while bonding them!
•It is best to book as far in advance as possible as our pony rides are very popular. Our ponies are so popular that they even are used for our local fairs!

Call today with any questions or to book an event! 716-995-4022