Outdoor Movie Rental

Outdoor Movie Theatre  – “Drive In”

One of our most popular sources of entertainment is our outdoor movie “drive in” experience.  Movies, sports, television shows, photo display, festivals, concerts and video games are all examples of reasons to rent this big screen!   This is a great source of entertainment for all ages and any type of event or celebration. 

Below is information on our outdoor movie theatre experience:

  • 25 foot x 15 foot inflatable screen
  • Includes:  high powered sub woofers, DVD & VHS options, an audio mixer, wireless microphones, gaming capabilities, and complete lighting.
  • An operator – all you have to do is pick the source of entertainment for the screen, sit back, and enjoy the show!

          Not only do we offer this outdoor movie – drive in experience to the Buffalo, NY region but we also offer this experience in other locations whether it be Rochester, NY or Miami, FL!  Contact us today with any questions or to book this experience! (716) 995-4022