No matter what the event is, we can help you make the day tastefully satisfying! Whether it be that “old fashioned” machine or a new age creation we promise it will satisfy your eyes and stomachs with any of these tasty treats. We have something not only for kids but adults, too! Our staff will show you how to properly work the machine(s) of your choice before taking them to your event to enjoy. Each machine is cleaned, sanitized, and properly stored after every use!
Below are some of our popular machines available to rent:
• Snow Cone machine
• Slushie machine (great for making mixed drinks-“adult beverages”) or for the kids!
• Gourmet Popcorn machine
• Nacho machine
• Cotton Candy machine
• Apple Dip machine – two compartments that hold your choice of dip. Chocolate, caramel, and “candy” being the most common. Top off with your favorite nuts, candies, or whatever you can imagine. Keep in mind, we are available to attend an event and make these for guests!

We strive to please our customers and do anything in our power to fulfill their needs! If you do not see something listed that you’re looking for then please, contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Call today with any questions or to schedule a concessions rental! 716-995-4022