Airbrush Tattoos

We all have a way of expressing ourselves and a great way to do it is on our bodies!  Airbrush tattoos are a temporary and safe way to express yourself.  This is a great form of entertainment for any age and the pain free way to be “tattooed.”  For the children who do not like to sit still for long, this is a great route for them as it is a quick process. We also have tattoo stickers that are even more quick and require little to no clean up!

Airbrush or Temporary Tattoos are sprayed on similar to how shirts are airbrushed.  First, the skin is cleaned to remove any oil or bacteria.  We then use a sanitized stencil of your choice and airbrush the tattoo to your skin.  The art will last anywhere from a couple days to a week and it does vary on how the guest takes care of it. 

Below are some tips on how to care for your airbrush tattoo:

  • Do not wash or scrub the temporary tattoo’s area.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid rubbing the tattoo off.
  • Put baby powder on the tattoo to act as a sealant/barrier which helps it last longer!

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